[DAY 1] – (RiverTwist Canyon) New Highway Construction


This map I decided to start learning how to use CSUR road setup. In the process of doing so I'm modeling/detailing the highway construction team as they switch the highways from the vanilla to the CSUR road network.

My first process was to figure out how to move traffic off of the vanilla network while I modeled the process of tearing up the roadway and prepping it for the change to CSUR.

Then we place down the road barriers to start changing the traffic patterns.

To move the traffic off the vanilla network I looked in the workshop and found some invisible lanes that I used to make the transition from the old lanes over to a 2 way national highway. Doing so moved all traffic off both directions of the area that I'm working on currently.

Once traffic has been moved over the ripping up of the roads begins!

New back fill dirt is moved in to make sure we can make a smooth surface for the new road way.

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