This post started out as one of my normal word vomits on Facebook. But when I got thinking about what I was writing I decided I better put my post on a medium that I control. Then that way I can keep my thoughts public and I can not be censored by a social media platform.

As always, when I write these longer posts, my thoughts may not be as clear or easy to understand. But, this is my way of being able to voice my thoughts and clear my mind.

I’m getting tired, really tired. My mental health these days is becoming harder and harder to live with. The past few months have been crazy in this world. It is as if 2020 was an out of control vehicle with no brakes going down a canyon road. Tonight as I’m lying in bed reading through my Facebook feed it’s like the vehicle we’re all in just lost its steering, we’ve crashed through the guard rail and we’re now free falling towards the sudden stop at the end……

I can not tell the future, but I’m absolutely afraid of what that sudden stop at the end is going to be in real life. Let me just hit on a few different topics…some of these may even relate to each other.

Politics – Yeah, everyone’s FAVORITE subject.

It’s amazing to me where we are in this country with our political system. I’ll admit I haven’t been someone to keep track of politics up until the last 6 years. I started to wake up, started to notice things that were happening around me. Although, I did not realize what was happening at the time, patterns and actions of those in political positions started to become a little more clearer to me. I can’t put my finger on the exact moment when my eyes started to open up to the world, but I can tell you. I wish I had opened them up sooner, if I had, maybe I would’ve been on a different path in life. Standing for changes, maybe even running for an office myself.

Looking back, maybe if I had paid attention in my government classes a little more, if I would have just dug deeper instead of just brushing off current events as if it did not effect me. Now I see, even though something happened around the world in Libya doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to effect my life some how. If I would have just dug a little deeper to know the context of everything we were being taught I’d be a little more informed at this point in my life.

We as a country have let our system run wild for far to long. We have people in positions that have no background or qualifications to be in their positions. I’m talking about Representatives and Senators. A position in Congress was never meant to be a full time position. It was meant for an individual to be the vocal funnel of their community. Instead of a whole community going to Washington to do the peoples business we elect select individuals to go to Washington and we expect them to represent our communities. Not their own interests. Our community representative was suppose to report to Washington for a period of time, do the business of the people and then come back to their own community to share what happened in Washington and they should have transitioned back into their role within the community as a banker, shop keeper, zoo keeper, what ever! The point is they are not suppose to be there full time. We need to go back to this, we need to go back to the way that the founding fathers meant for this country to run. But, we need to make some changes besides making our community representatives being part time. We need to create limits on them.Time limits, or term limits as they’re called. No one should be making their entire life professional life being a Representative or a Senator.
In the words of the great Robin Williams (Man of the Year, 2006) “Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed often and for the same reasons!”

Because individuals in congress have not been limited on their roles in the country we have seen time and time again where certain people have taken advantage of the system. They start to believe that they’re above the law and can literally get away with murder (Epstein didn’t kill himself). They think that they can just destroy evidence or fabricate evidence to fit their own narrative. It isn’t right. Another thought that just occurred to me, are these people doing what they’re doing because they’re all sociopaths? Maybe before these people are allowed to get on the ballot they should pass a strict physiological background check.

I think it is time that we start recognizing that there are really more then just the two parties in the Untied States. There are more then just Republicans and Democrats. In fact there according to Wikipedia there are 3 other parties with 100,000 or more registered voters. Libertarian Party, Green Party, Constitution Party. There is 760,000+ registered between them. So we do have the potential to shift the balance of power in this country during elections. If we just looked outside the box when we’re evaluating our options when casting our votes.

There are other political thoughts that I’ve had lately, but I’ll get into those in another post.


This subject is a really touchy one right now with people in the world. If you say the “wrong” thing you can either be considered racist, bigot, entitled, the list goes on, and on. Well, I don’t care about what I will get labeled for speaking my mind in this article. So if you don’t like what you’re reading, tough shit! Close the website!

Let me boil this all down to just 5 words. “Love thy neighbor as yourself” – GROW UP PEOPLE!
ALL LIVES MATTER! We are not going to get anywhere in this situation if we’re both up in arms and in each others faces. Put down the weapons, put down the molotov cocktails and work on getting on the same page as the other. Every MAN AND WOMAN on this earth was created by God. Every MAN AND WOMAN on this earth has a right to be here. There is no race is superior to another, we should be working together as a global community to move humanity forward. NOT backwards! What’s going on in the streets today is nothing more then criminal. Not everyone who is protesting in the street even knows what they’re out there protesting for. We need to be educated, we need to study our past so that we’re not doomed to repeat it. As I said, humanity should be moving forward. Lets come together and rid the world of deadly diseases like we did with smallpox and rinderpest. I just don’t get why we can not live in a world where everyone can just get along. WAIT! Don’t go jumping on a high horse yet. I said get along, not agree with each other. People will always have a difference of opinion, just agree to disagree and move on. You don’t have to run off to the middle of the city and throw a temper tantrum and start laying out your demands to get your way. That’s just not acceptable. Those who are doing that today I believe were never shown discipline in their younger years. Everyone should know, and live by Newtons third law “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” – If you’re going to cause chaos and disorder to the point that it starts threatening the life and well being of those around you, then you should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Sorry for jumping all over the place with my thoughts, I write this laying in bed at 3am. I will expand upon this post as my thoughts become clearer.

For now, stay safe and God bless.

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